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What Same Sex Marriage Means to Me

This narrative navigates the highways and byways of the LBGTQIA societal revolution that took place in the United States during the second half of the 20th Century as experienced by the playwright and performer.

Puppet Man

Puppet Man

Inmate #6627405 is facing a 28-year sentence for his role in a killing. His attempts to get the drugs he uses to deal with his life on the inside lead him to join a prison-based program producing puppet shows.


Second Weekend in September

Follow David as he explores the many facets of his identity as a gay man, while his married lover Michael remains in the closet during their 25-year long affair.

Boomslang.005 copy

Bitten by a Boomslang

Lowell Carpenter, a successful prosthetist in Staten Island, NY, is embarking on an expansion of his successful thriving clinic while navigating the consequences of a charitable act gone very wrong.


It's Murder, Mary

Agatha Christie meets Paul Rudnick in this old dark house murder mystery. A group of disparate men, all gay, are invited under mysterious circumstances to a country estate. Each one has a secret. And then the murders begin...


Porn Yesterday

Porn Yesterday tells the story of a young male porno star who has decided he wants to get out of the adult film business and become an actor on the legitimate stage. His wealthy and much older lover arranges for him to be cast in an equity production of Edward II.  Now, he just has to learn how to act.....


Another Man's Slingbacks

Lincoln High School is turned upside down when the homophobic quarterback is magically transformed into a homosexual during homecoming week.