The fantasy role reversal comedy gets an update! Lincoln High School is turned upside down when “Killer” Kerrgian, the homophobic quarterback of the football team is magically transformed into a homosexual during homecoming week. A passing fairy godmother has granted one of Killer’s classmates a revenge-type wish. The football star gets to learn what life is like on the other side of the pom-poms; and Ricky, the gay wish-maker, learns a few lessons about self-acceptance as well.

*All photo credit to Daniel Axler

Kudos go first and foremost to the playwright, Andrew Black, for taking a predictable storyline and turning it on its head, while simultaneously actually having something to say. I don’t want to give any surprises away but the plot refreshingly steers away from stock character types and throws in more than a few pleasant twists.

David Pasteelnick, Queer New York

I had the good fortune to not only see the new comedy, “Another Man’s Slingbacks,” presented by Khaos Company Theatre through June 24, but also to see it with playwright Andrew Black. Black didn’t settle for just indulging in queer stereotypes. The resulting story explores the fact that to come of age, all teens need to “come out” of the expectations and roles set for them by the social constraints of high school.

John Lyle Belden, Plays with John & Wendy


Khaos Company Theatre

June 2017: Indianapolis, IN


13th Street Repertory Theatre

February 2011: New York, NY


New Works of Merit Playwriting Contest

January 2009, Winner